For the uninitiated, IT has evolved into a vast network of options which can be daunting.

Cybolt® helps you filter out all the noise and get to what is important for your business. Discover the solution that works best for you.

Solutions can be cloud-based, in-house, mobile, integrated, stand-alone, software as a service (Saas), desktop applications or other forms as appropriate.

System Integration

Where suitable, Cybolt® looks for existing services which may be integrated with your systems. The internet is now awash with niche services that specialise in a particular space. Competition helps drive these providers to offer pricing models which scale with your business.

A good Web API (Application Programming Interface) is now offered by many major software providers. The Web API allows data to be exchanged between systems.

So at Cybolt®, we say: "why reinvent the wheel - if it isn't necessary!"

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Custom Solutions

There are occasions where existing solutions simply don't meet a client's requirements. (eg. not feature rich enough, outside budget requirements, etc).

Cybolt® offers custom built solutions to meet your requirements.

Through its broad range of specialised project managers, developers, testers, graphic designers; custom systems can be built.

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Ongoing Support Contracts

Sometimes project work is required for ongoing development. The Cybolt® develop/test/deploy cloud system can be utilised for all your software development requirements.

Sometimes you can't find the talent you require locally, that's where Cybolt® can step in.

Other times you may need someone to be on call, as and when you require.

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