Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cybolt® FAQs

What does Cybolt® mean?

Cybolt® is a blended word from "Cyber" and "Bolt". The bolt signifies our approach to connecting existing systems and services, where possible, to tap into the best services available. Bolts also provide strength and security while still allowing adaptability. ie. systems may be re-connected to other services in the future.

I see you are located in Matakohe, north of Auckland. Is there a reason why?

Yes, New Zealand's beautiful Kaipara region offers a number of benefits including no traffic congestion and being technologically connected; all while still accessible to Auckland (if required).

Why is Cybolt® structured as independent contractors?

In short, to provide maximum scalability and access to the best & most motivated talent. This also reflects the evolution of the internet in offering scalable niche services. Cybolt®, like the cloud, is not constrained by physical borders or vast distances.

Congestion in major cities is causing productivity problems and reduced employee satisfaction; so utilising contractors who can reside where they choose encourages a happier and more productive workforce.

Client Questions

How do I get started?

Simply contact us today and we can talk through your requirements.

Since Cybolt® operates without a central office, will I have someone I can talk to, as required?

Yes, you will be appointed a client manager you can liaise with.

What happens to the source code you write for me?

That depends on the contract you have with Cybolt®. However, as an example, for project development work to be owned by you, you will be provided with the latest code upon final project payment.

Contractor Questions

What skills do I need?

Cybolt® utilises experienced, self-motivated contractors. Skills such as Java®, .NET, C#, HTML5, PHP, etc are all valued but by no means an exclusive list.

Do I need all the skills listed?

Certainly not. However, a good balance of skills helps when assigning contractors to projects. Also, in our experience, a good developer will also learn new skills quickly, so the ability to upskill is also very beneficial.