About Us

A Few Words About Cybolt®

Cybolt® has been carefully structured for an ever-increasing connected world where physical barriers are being continually broken down.

By working with a highly skilled, self-motivated contractor network, all using the latest cloud and mobile systems, Cybolt® provides significant scalability and efficiencies for clients.

Cybolt® prefers not to reinvent the wheel; instead the focus is on connecting specialised systems to provide the best solution for customers.

There are, of course, times where a custom solution is required and Cybolt® can cater to that need as well.

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Our People

Tom Nicholson


With 25+ years of experience for organisations ranging from international corporates through to small not-for-profits, Tom understands clients needs while also educating them on staying ahead in the rapidly evolving technology sector.

Contractor Network

Analysts, Developers, Testers and more

Through the Cybolt® contractor network, top talent is available with the skills especially suited to your project. We can scale up or down to meet your needs.